The Mercy Of God. by: C.H. Spurgeon (English)
mei 4, 2016
Have mercy on me, O God (English)
mei 4, 2016
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How long will they refuse to believe in me? Numbers 14:11

From the pen of Charles Spurgeon:

We should diligently strive to keep the monster of unbelief away. It so dishonors Christ that He will remove His visible presence if we insult Him by indulging it. Unbelief is a weed whose seeds we can never entirely extract from the soil; thus, we must aim at each root with zeal and perseverance. Of things we should hate, it should be the most abhorred, for by its nature unbelief is so venomous that those who exercise it, and those upon whom it is exercised, are both hurt by it. In your case, dear believer, it is even more wicked! The mercies the Lord blessed you with in the past increase your guilt in doubting Him now. When you distrust the Lord Jesus, He could very well cry out, “Behold, I am pressed under you, as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves” (Amos 2:13 KJV). This is like crowning His head with thorns of the sharpest kind. It is cruel for a well-loved wife to mistrust a kind and faithful husband, and although that sin is needless, foolish, and unwarranted, Jesus has never given even the slightest grounds for suspicion. In fact, because He is always affectionate and faithful, it should be all the more difficult for us to doubt Him. Jesus is the Son of the Most High and has unlimited wealth; thus, it is shameful to doubt Omnipotence and distrust His all-sufficiency. “The cattle on a thousand hills”‘ (Ps. 50:10) will suffice for even our largest meal, and the granaries of heaven are not likely to be emptied when we eat.

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